February 10, 2015

Sun Care that smells good, feels good and does good.

You are sunny every day and your sunscreen should follow suit.  SolScents® has a special formula that feels more like moisturizer than sunscreen, a choice of scents that can be used in any outside setting without smelling like you’ve lathered up to get a tan, and a bottle that doesn’t look like anything else on the sunscreen shelf.    A decadent, ultra-moisturizing formula with skin nourishing antioxidants that protects your skin and comes in seven light, fresh fragrances you’re sure to love.  SolScents® protects you from UVA and UVB rays while moisturizing your skin, without the typical scent and the tacky feel of traditional sunscreens. 

Creating a Daily Skin Regime

Taking care if your skin is essential to good health and great looks. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and has the very important function of protecting it by serving as a barrier. It also happens to be the very first thing people see when they meet you. Therefore taking care of your skin on a regular basis is essential and as important as taking care of other parts of your self. A daily skin care regime will help you get into the habit  of taking care of your skin and keeping it looking its best every day.

  1. Cleanse: You want to clean your skin every day to remove pollutants, dirt, sweat, and other build up that can clog your pores. Use gentle cleansing on your skin, especially on your face. Avoid harsh chemicals and choose a cleanser that works for your skin type. Your skin produces essential oils that help moisturize and protect it naturally. You should clean your skin one or two times every day depending on your skin type. If you have dry skin you may only need to cleanse once to avoid over drying your pores. 

  2. Exfoliate: Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the outermost surface of the skin. It has been used for many years to help maintain a daily skin. To exfoliate use a gentle scrub once or twice per week. You can use a simple sponge, a microfiber cloth, or an over the counter facial scrub. It will help reduce acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, and skin discoloration or imperfections. If you have dry skin avoid scrubs that contain pumice or crushed volcanic rock as it can be overly abrasive. Pumice is good to exfoliate the skin of your feet.
  3. Moisturize: Moisturizers are chemicals used to make the external layers of your skin softer. They increase the water content of your skin or hydration. You can use over the counter products that contain natural oils, humectants, or emollients Use additional moisturizer if you have dry skin or during the winter. For dry skin heavier oil-based moisturizers that contain grape seed oil and antioxidants are preferable. For oily skin water based moisturizers are more suitable. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too as this will also insure that your skin gets moisturized. 

  4. Protect: Sun exposure can increase your risk of skin cancer, add wrinkles and sun spots, as well as other signs of aging. Sunscreens or sunblocks can help absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to help protect your skin. Use sunscreen daily in the form of lotion, spray or gel to protect your skin from sun exposure. And don’t be fooled by the weather. Cloudy or snowy days can be just as dangerous for your skin in terms of sun exposure as bright summer days. 

Just follow these simple steps on a weekly basis and keep your skin looking healthy and fresh!!