April 22, 2015

Sun Care that smells good, feels good and does good.

You are sunny every day and your sunscreen should follow suit.  SolScents® has a special formula that feels more like moisturizer than sunscreen, a choice of scents that can be used in any outside setting without smelling like you’ve lathered up to get a tan, and a bottle that doesn’t look like anything else on the sunscreen shelf.    A decadent, ultra-moisturizing formula with skin nourishing antioxidants that protects your skin and comes in seven light, fresh fragrances you’re sure to love.  SolScents® protects you from UVA and UVB rays while moisturizing your skin, without the typical scent and the tacky feel of traditional sunscreens. 

Today is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and it is our time to lead!!  According to EarthDay.org climate change has already had devastating impacts around the world; ‘from Pacific Islands that are underwater, to increased tropical storms that pound the east coast of the United States’. According to the World Wildlife Fund worldwildlife.org, one of the leading conservation organizations, threats to the world’s forests are growing. Expanding agriculture, increased population, and shifts in diet, among other factors are responsible for most of the world’s deforestation. Those who understand climate change know that if humanity continues on its current trajectory, these impacts will only get more severe. No one person can prevent climate change, keep global temperatures from rising, or prevent degradation of the world’s forests. But if each of us live more sustainably lives, together we can make environmental history.

Every time you buy our green Cucumber Melon SolScents you help create awareness about conserving natural resources of our planet. This Earth day join our cause and protect the environment.