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Frequently Asked Questions

The scent is very present for 3 hours after application and the base notes linger for up to 6 hours after application. For a continuous presence, we recommend carrying the roll on with you in your bag, pocket, car etc and reapply every 4-6 hours. Due to the formulations being natural (no synthetics or alcohol projectors) they wear “quicker” than a department store cologne.

The rollerball seal is tight to prevent leaking. If the elixir is dispensing slowly or not at all, take the cap off, point the bottle downwards and shake a few times. This will help to prime the ball for proper application.

Yes, we wanted to ensure that nothing would taint the quality of the elixirs. The amber colored glass helps keep the scents fresh and fragrant.

The scents are natural oils and wear like it. As soon as applied, Xanthos has a heavy floral scent, but after 30-60 minutes the sandalwood begins to emerge and it transforms to totally different scent. Unlike a department store fragrance where what you smell is what you get, these formulations literally evolve with you throughout the day.

We source our oils from a variety of different places. This includes: Jojoba from Argentina, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy, Coconut Oil from Indonesia, Palo Santo from Peru and many more!

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Yes! We accept returns within 7 days of delivery, no questions asked.